Future Is Now Foundation


Action, & Inaction, Now Will Determine Our Future ...

... Be a Part of Defining & Creating the Best


Our focus is on programs, services & initiatives
... that do just that.

Just some of what we do:


  • Training & Support for Nonprofits 
  • Technical Assistance for Public Agencies
  • Public Education & Empowerment
  • Issue Research, Analysis & Solutions

  • Live On-Line Events & Replays
  • Web Interviews with Key Leaders
  • Other Online Services & Innovations


  • Energy, Environment & Climate
  • Smart Community Planning 
  • Sound Economic Development
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Animal Support Initiatives

Find out more via tabs at top ... and ask about how what we do
 can be of support to you. 




The Foundation hosts on-line events on timely topics, publishes an electronic newsletter and provides other informative resources.

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