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On-demand replays are available for our past on-line events, going back to 2005. Our Fall 2009 live series (August - October) is described below -- and access information provided -- on planning, growth & related topics affecting communities, people and the environment. 

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Topics like:

Community Planning … Design … Preservation … Growth Management … Community Development … Environment … Transportation … Economy … Infrastructure ... Sustainability

Overview: Through the power of technology, the Foundation brings timely information
and insights of experts and specialists on a range of topics important to quality living. Information is geared to local governments, community leaders, decision makers, stakeholders and the public.


• “Hot Topics
: New public policy and implementation needs, time-sensitive issues and decisions, topics of controversy and alternatives, more

• “Community Management: Topics of ongoing importance, practitioner insights and training, case studies, best practices,
models of success

Purposes: Making communities better, for enhanced quality living, through …

• Timely outreach on time-sensitive topics affecting communities, regions and the state
• Technical assistance training for practitioners and citizen leaders
• Continuing education programs and credentialing
• Public & community awareness and involvement

Speakers: Senior officials, experts, implementers & leaders from government, private sector, professional associations, stakeholder constituencies, advisory bodies, educators, others

Location: Wherever you are! All you need is an Internet connection.

Technologies: Webcasts, Webinars, On-Line Meetings, Videoconferencing, On-Line Polling. Participants can take part from anywhere with an Internet connection

Program Format:  Varies by session and includes individual speakers; panels; interviews; Q&A sessions; roundtable discussions; other.

Most sessions allow participants to ask questions in advance and during the live programs. 

Continuing Ed: Professional education credits applied for many of the live events 
(AICP Continuing Maintenance credits). 

Event Policies & Proceedures

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and other varied topics of importance for registrants & event participation.

Hot Topics Events

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  • "Hot Topics 1": August 24 - Oct. 15
  • "Hot Topics 2": September
     24 - Nov.

    The initial Hot Topics series includes
    five sessions, each running from
    90 minutes to two hours.

    Summaries for scheduled sessions
    thus far are below. Registration section follows the section on summaries.

    Event times shown are Eastern zone unless otherwise noted. AICP/CM credits apply to live events where noted.

Hot Topics 1 (5 events)

DRIs, Mobility Fees, Water Supplies, HB 697, Forum with DCA Secretary Pelham

If you missed a live session and want to register for a replay, it will be made available (your choice of times
on a range of dates).

#1 -- DRI’s Post 360: The passage of SB 360 by the 2009 Florida Legislature means major changes to policy and practices involving Developments of Regional Impact. Learn more about what the new law means, what to expect and options for the future.

Presenters: David Jordan, Assistant General Counsel, Florida Department of Community Affairs. Nancy Linnan, land use attorney, Carlton Fields. Marina Pennington, community planning consultant. Ken Metcalf, Director of Planning, Greenberg Traurig.
AICP/CM credits approved (1.5 and Legal)

Date/Time: August 24 PM, 2:00 - 3:30 PM
Registrants: Slides available for this session

Presenter Bios

#2 -- Mobility Fees: SB 360 contemplates establishment of a Mobility Fee to replace transportation concurrency. Studies are underway by the Florida Department of Community Affairs and the Department of Transportation. The new Act requires that the two agencies provide a report with recommendations to the Legislature by December 2009, including proposed legislation. Find out where things stand
and provide your input.
AICP/CM credits approved


Presenters: Charlie Gauthier, AICP, Director of Community Planning, Florida Department of Community Affairs. John Taylor, Systems Management Manager, Florida Department of Transportation. Brad Thoburn, Transportation Development Administrator, Florida DOT.

Date/Time: September 3, 10:00 - 11:30 AM


Registrants: Slides available for this session.

Presenter Bios

#3 --Water Supplies: Water has long been a hot topic in Florida and the stakes are ever-increasing as population demands grow for many different uses of our water supplies. Key issues and options will be addressed in this session, including model strategies now underway in water-constrained areas of the state.
AICP/CM credits approved

Presenters: Janet Llewellyn, Director of the Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Water Resource Management. Paula Dye, Strategic Planning Manager, Tampa Bay Water. Maribel Balbin, Water Use Efficiency Manager, Miami-Dade County.

September 9, 2009. 10 AM – 11:45 AM.

Presenter Bios

No handout materials for this session

#4 -- Mobility, Energy & Climate Change
: HB 697, passed by the 2008 Florida Legislature, calls for local comprehensive plans to address energy conservation, energy-efficient land use patterns and greenhouse gas reduction strategies in the transportation sector. Find out the latest on implementation of this far-reaching law plus alternatives for meeting the new charge that it sets forth
-- and provide your input.

This program will also  include the latest on newly announced Energy-Economic Zone Pilot Project communities. Plus insights from a key stakeholder group and former state official.

Lead Presenter: Charlie Gauthier, AICP, Director of Community Planning, Florida Department of Community Affairs.  Also Speaking: Kevin Crowder, Director of Economic Development and Legislative Affairs, City of Miami Beach; Matt Lewis, Planning Manager Sarasota County Planning Department; Janet Bowman, Director of Legislative Policy & Strategies, The Nature Conservancy

: September 29, 10:00 AM - Noon

Registrants: Slides available for this session.

Presenter Bios

#5 -- DCA Hot Topics: Join Secretary Tom Pelham of the Florida Department of Community Affairs for a close-up look at a range of important planning, growth and development issues plus the opportunity to ask your questions.
AICP/CM Credits Approved
2 hr CM w/ 1 hr Legal 

Presenter & Q/A with: Secretary Tom Pelham

Date/Time: October 15, 10:00 AM - Noon.

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Hot Topics 2

If you missed a live session and want
to register for a replay, it will be made available (your choice of times
on a range of dates).

Initial sessions in this series include:

#1 -- Unfunded Mandates and The Constitutional Challenge to Senate Bill 360: Hear from the attorneys and manager of the City who is leading the group of eighteen local government plaintiffs challenging this legislation.  John Flint, City Manager of City of Weston, will discuss how the changes to concurrency and Development of Regional Impact requirements affect planning and intergovernmental coordination in western Broward County, and motivated the City to take action.  Jamie Cole, who serves as the City Attorney of City of Weston for the law firm of Weiss Serota Helfman Pastoriza Cole & Boniske, P.L. and is the lead litigator on the case, will discuss the constitutional requirements related to unfunded mandates and single subject that are alleged to have been violated in the enactment of SB 360.  Susan Trevarthen, chair of Weiss Serota’s municipal land use and zoning practice and co-counsel for the challenge, will address the policy implications of the challenge and of legislative incursions into home rule and imposition of unfunded mandates more generally.

Date/Time: September 24, 10:00 - 11:30 AM

Registrants: Slides available for this session.

Presenter Bios

#2 -- A Planner’s Guide to Successfully Regulating First Amendment-Related Land Uses: Learn the underlying constitutional principles of defensible and effective land development regulations for land uses protected by the First Amendment.  Examples are religious uses, signs and sexually oriented uses.  All are heavily litigated, and present traps for the unwary because of the constantly shifting legal landscape and conflicting court precedents.  Many local government attorneys are unfamiliar with the intricacies of this area of the law.  This session is designed to cut through the clutter, and focus the local government planner on the key principles, derived from the most current caselaw, that will keep your community out of trouble. 

AICP/CM Credits Approved
1.5 hr CM & Legal

Presenter: Susan L. Trevarthen, Esq., AICP
 Attorney with Weiss Serota Helfman Pastoriza Cole & Boniske, P.L. & chair of firm's municipal land use and zoning practice

: October 8, 2:00 - 3:30PM

Registrants: Slides available for this session.

#s 3 & 4 -- City & County Success Stories  October 20 – November 12

Planning and implementation solutions, exemplary approaches, best practices, models others can learn from.
Recommendations & nominations accepted through September 29. Send to: forthepublic at earthlink.net. Submit one chosen and receive a guest pass to future program of your choice!

Plans for a live bonus session (at no charge) are also underway (see below).

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Hot Topics 1 Events

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Hot Topics Series

Hot Topics 2 Events

More Hot Topics


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 Community Management

Topics for the initial series in this track include Historic Preservation, Wildlife Conservation, Walkable Communities and Achieving Sustainability.

#1 -- Walkable Communities: "Walkables" national expert, Dan Burden, will present and take questions on September 11, 3:00 - 4:30PM Eastern.

To sign up now, click on the Pay Pal button below or see Walkables tab at left to find out more details about this powerful session and amazing presenter. Access to this one-time one of a kind program is just $25.
AICP/CM credits approved

This session is being publicized nationally so sign up soon while space is available.

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#2 -- Historic Preservation, Current Topics & Priority Strategies:
 State and national experts
will address the evolving role of preservation plus key topics relevant to preservation achievements. Among the topics will be: modernism in the recent past (including action on resources not yet deemed historic); disaster mitigation; sustainability through preservation; and African American Historic Districts.

Presenters: Dr. Karen Nickless, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Field Representative/Southern Office (South Carolina). Laura Lee Corbett, Downtown Revitalization & Historic Preservation Consultant; President Tallahassee Trust for Historic Preservation

Date/Time: October 7, 10:00 - 11:45 AM. 

              Click Here for Speaker Bios 

      NOTE: Word received 9-28-09: a change in the above program has occurred and the 10-7 session (Historic Preservation) is being canceled.
Stay tuned for updates for a revised program. We regret any inconvenience to planned participants.


#3 -- Wildlife Conservation
: Growth and land use have a far-reaching effect on wildlife habitats and populations. Future land use decisions, development practices, planning approaches, design choices and other actions by humans will impact the ultimate sustainability of our animal counterparts.

Experts will present an array of findings, strategies, best practices and resources to support advancements in wildlife conservation.

Presenters: Dan Pennington, Community Planner, 1000 Friends of Florida. Stephanie Rousso, Biologist IV, Florida Wildlife Commission. Nancy Payton, Southwest Florida Field Representative, Florida Wildlife Federation. Dr. Lisa Beever, Director of the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program .

Date/Time: October 2, 10:00 - 11:45AM 

Replay to be available. Register below for it if you missed the live event.

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Questions & Input: For our on-line programs, questions of speakers may be submitted in advance of and, in most cases, during the live programs.

Input for future programming is invited -- including on topics and speakers to feature.
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Thanks for your interest and participation.

The Future Is Now Foundation is a non-partisan charitable non-profit organization focused on awareness and empowerment for informed and effective action. Note: The Foundation is an AICP continuing education (CM) provider.

Contact: 850.997.2837 850.251.0760  
  or email forthepublic at earthlink.net



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