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  We can each make a difference every day ...
in ways large and small, all of which matter.

Just some of the many ways can be found through the
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 CNN Clearinghouse
Thanks CNN for the following resources and tools for getting involved for the greater good. Here you'll find a menu of timely practical, win-win and fun ways ... to make things better for one, some or all:


“Social Responsibility Day”

  National Public Gathering on
Making a Difference for the Future




Free to the Public
Take Part From Wherever You Are!
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Learn Practical Steps from a Host of
National & State Leaders

This program is being offered as a public service, to inform and involve the public on matters of public interest and importance to sustained quality living. The sessions feature leadership models and specific steps that the public, businesses and organizations can take
to exercise social responsibility.

Sessions were accessible throughout the day on September 26 via Tele-Webcasts: 
by Internet or by phone. The Ben & Jerry event was a
special fundraiser for the Foundation. 

On-demand replays are now being made available to share the many wonderful programs with those unable to attend on the 26th.
The Foundation's goal is to
make every day social responsibility day.
The programs include: 

Leadership in Business 

 Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield – Founders, Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream. Leaders in values driven business and socially conscious business. Best-selling authors.

Civic Involvement

Presentations and interviews on ways the individual can be informed and involved for the greater good of all. Volunteerism, civic engagement, community leadership, family connections, mentoring, and a host of other topics will be included.




  • Mary Wilson, President, League of Women Voters U.S.  
  •  Dr. Bob Edgar, President, Common Cause U.S.  
  • Jack Levine, Founder, 4Generations Institute 
  • Wendy Spencer, Executive Director, FL Commission on Volunteerism &  Community Service
  • Marcia Elder, Chair & Director, FL Public Interest Foundation -- Introductory remarks and interviewer for the guest speakers

Environment, Growth & Communities

  • Carol Browner – Former head of US Environmental Protection Agency. Former Secretary, FL Department of Environmental Protection. Former policy director, US Senator Al Gore. Partner, The Albright Group, Washington, DC. Speaking on climate change, energy, the environment and growth.  
  • John H. Hankinson, Jr. – Attorney and Consultant. Former Region IV Administrator, US Environmental Protection Agency. On the values and spiritual dimensions of environmental action, including leadership models and options.

Public Safety 

Honorable Senator Bob Graham – Long-time head of U.S. Senate Committee on Intelligence. Author of "Intelligence Matters". Founder of the Graham Center for Public Service.

On-Demand Replays ...

*Note: A glitch occurred in transfer of several audio files to this site from our Leadership Website (see asterisks). It is being corrected and we regret any inconvenience.

Click Here for Webcast page. Event replays are posted below.  Also see important note at end.

Ben & Jerry
: Keynote Program
                        10:00 AM Pacific, 1:00 PM Eastern
                         Plus Replay Available At:
                         6:00 PM Pacific, 9:00 PM Eastern
                         No Replays After These Times. 

                         Stay tuned for excerpts.

Marcia Elder
                          10 Minutes Opening Remarks (replay)
                          Elder is also the event interviewer & host

Wendy Spencer:
                           Est. 40 Minutes

Jack Levine*
              Est. 40 Minutes

Mary Wilson:                 
                          Est. 37 Minutes

Bob Edgar

                          Est. 60 Minutes

John H. Hankinson, Jr.:                            
                          Est. 60 Minutes

Sen. Bob Graham
: Available All Day                                   Approx. 60 Minutes

Carol Browner:

Available All Day
 Approx. 60 Minutes
*This program is an interview with the guest, available as an on-demand replay.

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