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On Demand Packages

The following Special Offer is available for one or more programs from our Fall 2009 Webinar series on Community Planning topics. 

Get your choice of 1, 2 or 3 on-demand replays (recorded events to take part in at your convenience). Choose from the following events ... and click here for details on each):

1. Developments of Regional Impact:DRIs Post SB 360

2. Mobility Fees/Transportation Concurrency

3. Water Supplies: Planning for the Future

4. HB 697 Implementation -- Mobility, Energy & Climate Change

5. DCA Hot Topics: Forum with  Secretary Tom Pelham 

6. Unfunded Mandates & the Constitutional Challenge to SB 360 

7. Planner’s Guide to First Amendment-Related Land Uses   

8. Wildlife Conservation: Land Use Planning, Strategies & Resources 

The packages:  

  • 1 session = $23
  • 2 sessions = $40
  • 3 sessions = $48

The above discount is instead of the regular price of $25 per person per session.

Registrations are per office (same employer). Programs are copyrighted and may not be copied or transferred to non-registrants.

Note: A private password applies per IP address.


Choose the number of events through the drop-down box below. Once you register you'll receive an email asking for the specific events of your choice. You will then receive a private pass to attend. Please ignore the listing for prior live Wildlife event.

"Your Choice" Offer

Don't miss this terrific opportunity!
And as always, thank you for your participation!

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